Brochure Cover Development

The brochure is coming together nicely.

I had a wee problem when I was trying to add copyright text to some of the images, but discovered this was because I had text wrap on them so this stopped me from adding text onto them. I knew there was a way to do this so thank goodness for tutorials on Youtube I got a round this by not using text wrap on the images and drawing my own text boxes using the pen tool. This way the main text can wrap around the image and then allow me to add text on top of images.

Started to develop the front cover and soon found out that my initial idea of a wolfs face within a claw print was not a strong enough idea and just didn’t work well. So tried a few othe thing and one thing led to another and I have a cover which I feel works. I will however step back from this for a while and look at it again with fresh eyes to see if there is anything that could be added or changed.

developing cover

Brochure Development

I have been working on putting my brochure for the Highland Wildlife Park together. Some pages are pretty much near completed while some I’ve hardly touched. The cover is in the early stages of development but the whole brochure is starting to come together. I am using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to create the brochure. Even though George Cox and Trevor Russell have supplied me with photographs that I could use for this project there were still some animals, birds and fish I needed to find. I had some photographs of my own that I have used and the few that were still needed which I aquired from Flickr and found photographs under the Creative Commons license.

I also created a muddy boot print to walk across the bottom of the pages

Progress so far

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